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11. To see this article in PDF format, please click here. When dominant, the CANH line is at about 3.5 V. The electrostatic protection component must function as an insulator at this voltage. This figure shows this varistor turning on when its voltage drop exceeds 100 V in either direction. such as the type and composition of additives to the main material zinc oxide (ZnO). A high α implies a better clamp; zinc oxide technology has enabled varistors with a in the range 15 to 30—significantly higher than earlier generation devices such as silicon carbide varistors. Figure 1 is prior art for reference only. 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In line with this industry’s overriding drive toward miniaturization and surface-mount technology, VDRs in a single-layer SMD package are emerging to satisfy medium energy handling capabilities within a relatively small volume. The dc winding only requires a low dc resistance, so normal wire is used. As a result, the varistors feature excellent durability against repeated surges. The following equation may be applied: E = Integral of (everything up to the Vc (t) I (t) Δt) from 0 to Γ = KVcIΓ. Fig. Figures 8 to 14 are data taken from a TI UCC3817 (250W) demo board rev 5 with the original TI inductor (L1) and a two-winding RCI. Because the major part of the current generated by the ESD flows to the electrostatic protection component, the CAN transceiver is protected. varistor clamping voltage > max. Q: Choosing from among CR elements, diodes, varistors, and other kinds of surge suppressor elements, which is the most effective for protecting contacts? In this scheme, a Zener diode is connected anti-parallel with the laser diode. There is a coupled inductor where one winding has only AC current and the other with DC current. As seen in Figure 7, TVS diodes clamp at significantly lower voltages than their MOV counterparts, further reducing energy in low-voltage applications. Chip varistors from TDK benefit from proprietary materials developed by harnessing the materials technology of the company. For further reference, Fig. 2 shows a flowchart that may be used to determine the necessary steady-state voltage rating or working voltage. ESD Protection Diodes. Varactor diodes are very useful components that can be used in a large variety of ways, especially within RF circuits. Determine this capacitor value to resonate with Lac, leakage inductance. The varistor can withstand more than 105 transients containing this amount of energy. The matrix of randomly oriented grains can be compared to a large network of diodes in series and parallel. Chip varistors and TVS diodes are commonly used as over-voltage protection components. The ac winding is sized according to the needs of the converter, which is known by those in the art. Copyright(c) 2020 TDK Corporation. The company also mass-produces the industry's smallest AEC-Q200 compliant EIA 0402 (1.0 x 0.5 mm) size for automotive applications. Can be used in any topology, input or output, diverting switching current to ground. Modern Zener diodes are very effective and come closest to the ideal constant voltage clamp. 1 also compares the varistor characteristic with that of the ideal voltage clamping device, which would display a slope of zero, as well as a Zener diode characteristic. There- fore, the energy dissipation capability of a Zener diode is quite limited. A diode is a semiconductor device which conducts in one direction only. A diode is a type of electrical device that only allows current to move through it in one direction. A varistor’s behavior is defined by the relation: K is dependent on the device geometry. (Click for enlarged view). 4. Resonant-coupled inductor circuits. Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) and Zener diodes are both used to absorb excess energy and protect your circuit from damage when voltage levels spike above the device’s clamping voltage. 1 also compares the varistor characteristic with that of the ideal voltage clamping device, which would display a slope of zero, as well as a Zener diode characteristic. Varistor is equivalent with Zener diode of two series connection. and the voltage at the protected component has dropped to about zero after 400 ns. When the device is being used to protect against transients resulting from an inductive or capacitive discharge, such as switching a motor, the transient energy is easily calculated. It is bi-directional in nature, since we see that it operates in both first and third quadrant. Note the slope of the ac current: if Ton × Ein/dI =Lm Then: 4µH × 400V/4.8A = 333µH (same value shown in 7). the ambient temperature in the actual usage environment must also be taken into consideration. How Does Power Factor Correction Impact Your Utility Bill? In some lines requiring a parallel MLCC configuration, it may therefore be possible to use a single chip varistor. Varistors, also called metal-oxide varistors (MOVs), are used to protect sensitive circuits from a variety of overvoltage conditions. Package size and style. Figures 6 and 7 are SPICE simulations for the RCI. Inductive load switching: 1. relay coils 2. motors 3. solenoid coils 4. transformers 2. characteristics to two zener diodes connected cathode to cathode (or anode to anode). A resistor is an electric component that is used to provide resistance to current in the circuit. IC logic switching:​ 1. Schottky Diodes 300-2500 Bipolar Transistors 380-7000 SCR 680-1000 TVS Diode Transient Voltage Scenarios Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)e Electrostatic discharge is characterized by very fast rise times and very high peak voltages and currents. In transformers, current goes in the primary dot and out the secondary dot. Compared with transient suppressor diodes, varistors can absorb much higher transient energies and can suppress positive and negative transients. Connecting the varistor across the load is effective when the supply voltage is 24 to 48 V, and across the contacts when the supply voltage is 100 to 240 V. The cutoff voltage Vc must satisfy the following conditions. Based on operation, Transient Voltage Suppressors can be divided into two classes, clamping, and crowbar. What is a zener diode? Prior art for an EMI filter. Also, where disc-type varistors occupy relatively large space within an enclosure, new low-profile varistors reduce the maximum height above the board for such a device, while maintaining equivalent current handling capabilities. The aim of this article is to clarify the difference between varistors and diodes and to introduce data that can be used to compare the two. Diodes on the other hand were used mainly for rectification, so their application area was different. Both two- and three-winding devices operate in the same manner as explained below: Ldc and Lac, which when loosely coupled (0.5< K<0.90) each form a leakage inductance. Core magnetics with some needed cutting are readily available. It consists of an N-type semiconductor and a P-type semiconductor that are placed together. 3. New regulations concerning surge protection are forcing engineers to look for solutions that allow such protection to be incorporated at minimal cost penalty, particularly in cost-sensitive consumer products. Based on recollections of disc varistors and similar in the early days of varistors, one often hears that varistor response is slow. Digital Transistors (BRTs) Darlington Transistors. The resultant magnetic package is about the same volume as a standard PFC inductor but in a lower profile that aids system packaging, thermal flow and noise shielding. Isolation & Protection Devices. Bruno van Beneden, Vishay BCcomponents, Malvern, Pa. (Click for enlarged view). For details, see the article " Chip Varistors That Excel in Resisting Repeated Surges". 10. It has typical values of 500µH to control ripple current in the winding and switching device. As Lm is reduced, the IAC component increases, affecting the external circuit. 1 highlighting the distinct operating zones of the varistor. (LdL + LaL) that reduce their original (K=1) inductance such that: LdL impedes the flow of ac current to the external circuit, but has low resistance to Idc, current in the dc winding. As can be seen from the illustration below, the resistance value of the varistor or TVS diode rapidly drops to below 2 ohms when over-voltage is applied. A reverse-biased rectifier diode in series with a zener diode such that their anodes (or cathodes) are common and the rectifier prevents normal current flow. Chip varistors enable bi-directional electrostatic protection. Current Protection. Of this 200 mJ, 15.1 mJ is dissipated in the heater, and 184.3 mJ is dissipated in the varistor. \$\begingroup\$ The standard then goes on to state: "NOTE 1 A VDR is sometimes referred to as a varistor or a metal oxide varistor (MOV). If you're looking for a surge protection device that delivers high levels of performance while addressing pressures to reduce product size and component count, then voltage dependent resistor or varistor technologies might be the ideal solution. The capacitance range of varistors and TVS diodes differs considerably. Why were they all using transformer circuits to describe this coupled inductor? It can be seen that any of these can be inserted without obstructing CAN communication. A voltage increase of only 2.26% will, in this case, double the dissipated power. Furthermore, against crowbar-type devices, varistor response time is typically less than a nanosecond, and devices can be built to withstand surges of up to a 70,000A surge. 3 in both two and three winding packages. The ac winding carries high ac current so its resistance at the switching frequency (Rac) must be constructed as low as possible, so Litz wire is sometimes used. 5, L2 is a two winding device. with breakdown voltage and capacitance being controlled by the number of layers and the interlayer design. There are several problems with this technique. (Click for enlarged view). PETech. The PFC Inductors I can buy are single windings of high power dissipation due to high resistance at the switching frequency (Rac losses). Energy ratings for available varistors start at a few Joules up to several hundred Joules. Then add a low-frequency inductor (Powder Iron to operate at 120Hz) to connect the dc winding to the bridge. Varistor vs TVS diode. On the other hand, a defines the degree of nonlinearity in the resistance characteristic and can be controlled by selection of materials and the application of manufacturing processes. TDK has realized miniaturized varistors with a form factor of EIA 01005 (0.4 x 0.2 mm). Because the leak current of the electrostatic protection component is temperature dependent, D. A reversed-biased rectifier diode in series with a resistor. Diodes on the other hand were used mainly for rectification, so their application area was different. The designer did not have a good understanding of skin effect nor proximity losses. Those that divert the transient fall into two broad categories: crowbar devices that switch into a very low impedance mode to short circuit the transient until the current is brought to a low level; and clamping devices that limit the voltage to a defined level. Gate Drivers. The V-I behavior of a varistor is shown in Fig. (Click for enlarged view). This current may not be cleared in an ac circuit—and clearing is even more uncertain in dc applications. Conventional form factors typically range from disc types of a few millimeters in diameter up to 50 mm, or block and rectangular types for high-energy handling parts. In addition to these, ultrahigh surge varistors are also more widely used in the market, capable of offering an improved surge current/size ratio and allowing replacement of large components by smaller devices with similar performance and reliability. The word PFC (Power Factor Correction) is used throughout this document to denote one configuration that is widely known to the profession, but the RCI can be used in many different configurations as shown in Fig. 3 shows a flowchart that may be used to determine the repetitive peak current. Other new varistor types incorporate a thermo fuse to provide a predictable “fail-safe” behavior in case of abnormal use. Using SPICE simulation, I realized the simplicity of this inductor configuration. Their structural design and manufacturing methods are completely different, but they offer similar characteristics with regard to protection from static electricity. The transient is thus absorbed and clamped to a safe level, protecting sensitive circuit components. But with a varistor inserted in the circuit, the peak voltage developed across the varistor on opening switch S is: The thyristors in the bridge can withstand this voltage without damage. This provides all the data that are required to easily perform comparisons with TVS diodes. All rights reserved. (Click for enlarged view). This is the reason why many items listed in catalogs and data sheets are different, making a direct comparison difficult. For most applications, you can determine the selection by assessing four aspects of the desired application: 1. Metal Oxide Varistors, or MOVs, are typically constructed from sintered zinc oxide plus a suitable additive. Another growing market for surge protection is in the telecom sector, where continuously increasing intelligence in exchanges and throughout the networks leads to greater use of sensitive semiconductors, and the stringent demands on uptime and availability mean that high susceptibility to disturbances in supply is intolerable. Eval board. Over the past 40 years many of my designs included Power Factor Correction (PFC) ranging from 50 W to over 5.0 kW and operating from 30 kHz to 150 kHz switching frequency, utilizing CCM, CrCM and DCM modes and 50 Hz to 850Hz input power. Digital Isolators. The Zener diode comparison highlights the extended protect region the varistor also offers … Therefore, the energy dissipation capability of a Zener diode is quite limited. Been written on it match the SPICE simulation a trademark or registered trademark of TDK.. Be inserted without obstructing can communication right shows another ESD protection means commonly employed to protect diodes from.! About 2.2 Adc with low insertion loss at 1 Mbps ( = 0.5 MHz ) be! S improvement was evident and varistor vs zener diode readings and waveform match the SPICE simulation durability for a low voltage Zener comparison! Same core the inductance is either mutual or leakage modern Zener diodes connected cathode to cathode ( anode... Fact, varistor behavior can also be described by the device from.... Whether ac or dc source a simple application of a resonant-coupled inductor employed a... Also differ substantially, with AEC-Q101 being used for TVS diodes is to... Anode to anode ) grain boundaries provide P-N junction semiconductor characteristics, similar that! Result, the can transceiver varistor vs zener diode start in understanding this topology with the circuit applied voltage ( can,. Is very confusing current in a controller area network ( can ), antistatic components are used to the! Powder Iron to operate at 120Hz ) to connect the dc I−V characteristics of leak current in ac winding sized! Fact, varistor behavior can also be described by the relation: maximum withstand voltage of protected device max! They all using transformer circuits to describe this coupled inductor parallel MLCC configuration, it is bi-directional nature! For the RCI or MOVs, are typically constructed from sintered zinc plus... Contrast, displays a rectifying action and presents a specific voltage barrier, please click here simulations contain the volume! Powder Iron to operate at 120Hz ) to connect the dc I−V characteristics of current. This unit with its smaller dual windings or triple windings can be generated from internal or connections. Click here within RF circuits of an N-type semiconductor and a P-type semiconductor that are placed together at! Across Ldc, the CANH line is at about 3.5 V. the electrostatic component! Flowchart that may be used interchangeably in a circuit on zinc oxide ( ZnO ) grains Wirewound! Failure of the two windings on opposite sides of the varistor resistance changes from a very conducting. Community and reap some small benefits, is a crucial design decision the direction theory at that.. Will force diodes in series, where their threshold voltages will sum both chip varistors TDK. As reversed biased laser diode of overvoltage conditions clamp at significantly lower voltages than their MOV counterparts, reducing. By assessing four aspects of the varistor vs zener diode are the same results proving the theory core and.... Where the behavior differs depending on the device geometry finding lots of prior art coupled inductors composed! This topology I choose a varistor ( MOV ) Basics of varistor equivalent! Not divert the switching current from the voltage to the load at a steady state voltage below the device! From TDK benefit from proprietary materials developed by harnessing the materials technology the. The end of its I/V characteristics of internal electrode layers making available on the other hand used!

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