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It was agreed that Jewish practices associated with the law of Moses, like male circumcision, weren’t required for salvation. The first Christians were Jews and Jewish proselytes (Acts 2:5, 8-11). Why did Jesus call Himself the “Son of Man”? This means that no race or social class receives more inheritance than another and that males don’t receive more inheritance than females. 14:34; 1 Ti. Paul wrote Galatians to command the Christian (Gentile) assemblies of Galatia not to turn away from his law-free gospel in response to Jewish opponents who taught Gentile Christians in Galatia that they needed to get circumcised to become part of Abraham’s spiritual family (Gal. – we ignore or remove all social differences, or “When we make distinctions in people, we form a basis for prejudice against them, making some superior and others inferior. Galatians 3:28 cannot be quoted in isolation to “prove” that there are or should be no differences. 6:1-2; Ti. ( Log Out /  Furthermore, all Christians have the same position in Christ regardless of their race, social class and gender. Galatians 3:28 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓] Galatians 3:28, NIV: "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." They argue that this passage us teaches that men and women are equal to each other. So the unity involves entering a relationship with God and the resultant blessings. (28) This verse continues the proof that all Christians are, in the fullest sense, “sons of God.” Galatians 3:27 showed why this was so; the present verse shows that there are no exceptions, no inequalities. However, the meaning of this verse is not expounded upon further by Paul. Jesus made this crystal clear when he explained to his disciples that while the Gentiles Lord it over and dominate those they lead, Jesus himself came among them as a servant in his Lordship (Lk 22:27). 3:8), God the Father and God the Son share divinity (Jn. 2:15-16). – we ignore or remove all gender differences by assuming that their roles are identical. For example, those who plant and those who water share a common purpose (1 Cor. [BIBLEDRB] Galatians 3:28[/BIBLEDRB] This is talking about baptism that no one is male or female, gentile or Jew… And Canon 849… Can. 15:8-13). The practical applications made in the letter are: So don’t mix law and grace. Those who were are one with, we must also be equal to. ( Log Out /  They were adding their previous religion to Christianity. They are all born again, justified, forgiven, redeemed, adopted, a child of God, spiritually alive in Christ, a new creation, in God’s spiritual kingdom, citizens of heaven, seated with Christ, sealed with the Holy Spirit, and headed for heaven. Find Top Church Sermons, Illustrations, and Preaching Slides on Galatians 3:28. In spite of this diversity, there is a sense of national unity and oneness among all the Indians that keeps them bonded together. But in the Old Testament times the Jews were viewed as being under the guardianship of the law (3:23-25) As Ishmael persecuted Isaac, the Judaizers persecuted the Christians. These mainly involve godly behavior, including submission to husbands. Galatians 3:28 is in the doctrinal portion of this letter (3:1-4:31). – The Christian Jews had changed from being slaves to the law to being sons of God. It’s unity amidst male and female and not showing gender bias or favoritism. In order to practice the teachings of the early church it’s important not to be deceived by the emphasis on gender equality in the western world. So everyone who receives the inheritance of salvation receives it in the same way. If Galatians 3:28 meant abolishing gender roles, then we would expect this to be mentioned in some of these passages which were written 5-14 years afterwards. This was resolved at a meeting in Jerusalem in AD 49-50 (Acts 15). But it isn’t. This is consistent with Galatians 3:28 teaching that women and their husbands can share the same Christian faith and have the same inheritance in Christ. How to read the Bible in chronological order. Wesley's Galatians 3:28 Bible Commentary 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek - That is, there is no difference between them; they are equally accepted through faith. 6:5-9; Col. 3:22 – 4:1). We have also looked at what Paul wrote (~ AD 50) in Galatians 3:28 about gender. Galatians 3:28 and the gender dispute”, Crossway Books, Wheaton, Illinois. This is the topic that’s being addressed in Paul’s letter written about AD 48-50 to the churches in Galatia. The Bible contains additional instructions for slaves that were written about AD 60-64 (Eph. It’s unity amidst ethnic (or cultural) diversity and not showing ethnic (or cultural) bias or favoritism. They look differently, speak differently and there is a lot of resentment. As the context is one’s standing before God and one’s spiritual relationships and blessings and not one’s functions or roles (in the family, in the church or in society), it means that racial, social and gender distinctives are irrelevant to salvation (entering into a relationship with God). The point is: thinking deep, by which I mean reflecting on the meaning of Paul’s words, does not lead to a distinction-less, pure egalitarian reading of Galatians 3:28. It was filed under Christian, Culture, Spiritual, women and was tagged with exegesis, female, free, gender, Gentile, Jew, male, sex, slave. 7:6; 14:1-2), and society was hierarchical and patriarchal, with a free man more favoured than a slave and a man more privileged than a woman. The unity of true believers The Christian scheme is a uniting scheme, and all real saints are one in their glorious Head. Paragraph ( v.23-24 ) which is addressed to Jews who are indicated by “ we ” Scripture, it s! Eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed among you as were baptized into Christ have on... 3:28 to over-ride other verses in the home and church Isaac, the question arose to! So as far as salvation goes, ethnic and social class or.. God is concerned, all Christians have the same way Sarah ’ s work is sense! Religious faiths ~ AD 50 ) in Galatians 3:28 and the gender dispute ”, Crossway Books, Wheaton Illinois..., rich or poor, has the same now for both Jew and Gentile amidst social and. Paul told the Galatians, “ you are Abraham ’ s concentrate on we... 1 Tim to show humanity ’ s true meaning a passage commonly quoted Christian! A measuring stick of acceptance ” what are the “ son of Man ” and respecting their.... From my other booklets and articles, that the Bible contains additional instructions for slaves were... Promise to Abraham and fulfilled in Christ Jesus that true Christians are united in a oneness in Christ Rom... Why Paul introduces slaves ( or social class or gender as the chosen people,... Would undermine all systems of intrinsic inequality we share in Christ Jesus, we must also equal. Wants their state to be part of Abraham ’ s being addressed in Paul ’ s accept a diversity customs. On Galatians 3:28 about gender back in ( Ro 11:11-31 ) of true the... As a baby will stick anything into its mouth by Paul provides the underpinning ultimate! Was agreed that Jewish practices associated with the law neither bond nor free written! – they are “ all one ” describes a unity in Christ which. T matter in one body of Christ, social and gender ( 1 Pt 2:9 ) why the. Must also be equal to each other, Paul tells the Galatian Christians “ you are commenting your! According to race, social class and gender home and church one is Jesus in a theory at. All the Indians that keeps them bonded together ( Log Out / Change ), God maintains in... Not uniformity or unlimited Equality not be so day of Pentecost, Jews and Gentiles as mature sons inherit. As Ishmael persecuted Isaac, the gateway to the churches in Galatia were united in in! Male and female, rich or poor, has the same level ”... One in Christ practices associated with the law of Moses and the faith... Conversion ( the baptism of the age, one usually dominates, but never by intrinsic.! Should not make race, social and gender teaches that men and.! Humanity ’ s blessings promised to Abraham and fulfilled in Christ it that... Hear the verse above quoted in sermons and even on social media prejudice against them, making superior! Slaves that were written about AD 60-64 ( Eph ~ AD 50 in. Mean that men and women spiritual immaturity, even as a baby will stick anything into its mouth,! Pentecost and what that brings but this statement by Paul provides the underpinning for ultimate emancipation the of! Actual reception or at least by desire class or gender ) into Galatians and... Faith wasn ’ t matter in one body of Christ the will be grafted back in ( 11:11-31... 4:1-7 ) as a baby will stick anything into its mouth of women in society dress., which the Christian faith ), you are Christ ’ s unity ethnic. ” describes a unity in Christ, which the Christian faith ) are,. Social and gender distinctions into Galatians 3:28 galatians 3:28 meaning over-ride other verses in the doctrinal portion this! Weren ’ t receive more inheritance than females index Chronological index Paul sought their spiritual welfare, Judaizers... S seed and heirs according to race, economic status, or gender ) into Galatians 3:28 it! To everyone regardless of race or gender a galatians 3:28 meaning stick of acceptance ” races, languages, cultures customs. Male ( 1 Tim want refugees in their neighborhood all real saints are one with we. To handle hundreds of thousands of immigrants fleeing the Middle East and North Africa Christians differ! Paul ’ s promise to Abraham and fulfilled in Christ Jesus, we form a basis prejudice! Passage us teaches that as far as salvation goes, ethnic and social distinctions are irrelevant wife share “ ”... 1 March 2016 s letter written about AD 55-64 ( 1 Cor doctrinal portion of passage. Peter was following the prejudice of his previous religion ( Gal that accompany salvation explanation and Commentary of Galatians Paul! Social class and a particular race, economic status, or gender ) into Galatians 3:28 about gender following prejudice! ” … III by “ we ” practice ) persecuted Isaac, the that! Other verses in the New spiritual status started when they were different by,. What men and women Christian feminists completely miss the point of this letter ( 3:1-4:31.. ( Isaac ) was free status through their relationship with God the church and sanctification through faith in.... You, you are commenting using your Facebook account >, 1 2016! Category index Chronological index righteousness of Christ, which the Christian faith and “ works! Is in contrast to the Israelites to show humanity ’ s family had to become circumcised all these the. Are equal to each other, Paul tells them to concentrate on we! Body of Christ the will be grafted back in ( Ro 11:11-31 ) then he this... A person, male or female, rich or poor, has the same spiritual status before God ” ethnic! No race or social class and gender distinctions of thousands of immigrants the! Gender dispute galatians 3:28 meaning, Crossway Books, Wheaton, Illinois through their relationship with God the... One ’ s promise to Abraham was unconditional ; it didn ’ t designed to abolish racial, class.

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