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Food was not something I was able to tolerate for quite a while so I relied on these shakes for the protein that I was required to have. I had weight loss surgery 4 yrs ago an been buying them from walmart ever since. Err, No actually I was directed by my Dr to drink it as a replacement for a meal 3 years. please add me. I have been drinking one a day for the past 14 months. I have been drinking these since my vertical sleeve gastrectomy 5/31/16. With 30 grams of high-quality protein, the Premier Protein Bar has what it takes to be the most convenient meal replacement bar on the shelves. Premier Protein shakes, bars and powder are energy for every day. Thanks so much. I will continue to buy them ? I have been drinking two shakes a day as requested by my Doctor. Per the agreements made for the settlement deal, if the deal is approved, Premier Nutrition Group will be required to reevaluate its protein shake formula and manufacturing specifications, and will be required to work with co-manufacturers to ensure that the protein shakes have protein contents as close as possible to their advertised protein contents. Add me to the settlement! They give you the much needed energy even when you have missed your normal meals. 1. Personally, whether each shake contains exactly 30 grams or 27 grams is a very small issue to me. On Thursday, plaintiffs in the protein shake class action lawsuit asked a New York federal court to approve the deal that had been struck with Premier Nutrition Group. You can have all the ingredients you want for a smoothie, like bananas, cherries or anything else and add the Premier Protein powder to make a healthy smoothie. Premier shakes are enough meals in themselves. Add me too, my son drinks these all of the time! Each Premier Protein fiber snack bar is 1.83 oz, so they're small enough to carry around. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. Some people feel they need solid food to fill up. This stooping really low people, greed will be your downfall! We definitely want to be added to that list. Pure Protein Bars, High Protein, Nutritious Snacks to Support Energy, Low Sugar, Gluten Free, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 1.76oz, 12 Pack 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,242 $13.49 $ 13. Please add me to the list. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM Please add me to this lawsuit. How do I get addd to the lawsuit for Premier Protein… I have been drinking them since 2015 … when I had gastric sleeve surgery…. They also claimed to have 30 grams of protein?? Some people say that the Premier Protein bars have an odd taste. 36 Premier Protein 20g Protein bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 2.08 Oz, (10Count), 10 Pack 3.8 out of 5 stars 1,363 My name should already be added to this. Our protein-rich products satisfy your cravings for both nutrition and amazing taste. Karen Adams. Would like to file a claim the only protein shakes I drink since I had surgery, I drink them everyday!!!! But this is a very tame violation. Find your favourite groceries, household essentials, and our Low Price Promise at ocado.com, the online supermarket. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. I never keep receipts. Where do I sign up. Please add me. You can choose from any of the following smoothies: berries, peachy, pineapple, chocolate and many others. My gosh I bought this and have using this for quite awhile. Each of these, Premier Protein shakes, Premier Protein bars and Premier Protein powder are a complete meal full with the required protein and all the amino acids needed for body building. Ive been dinking this drink for years, and i will continue to by, it 2gs people!!! 11 ($1.21/Count) $14.99 $14.99 My granddaughter buys them for me @ Sams club and I give her cash. How do I file a claim without receipts. I have some boxes waiting to go in the fridge. '> Gets your body moving in the right direction without feeling like it is missing anything, They are a meal on the go so very convenient, Premier Protein can help you control your weight. You can change these settings at any time. How do we file a claim? 2. Because I was depending on the advertised 30 grams of protein, I was disappointed to learn otherwise. I have some boxes waiting to go in the fridge. After weight loss surgery you have to track your protein intake it’s very important!!! Been using this drink for about a month!!! WOW!!! Premier Protein products help in better performance of body organs and regulate major body functions. How do we file a claim, please, and what constitutes proof? Please add me. * North American residents only. The woman asked me medical questions and asked if I have sought treatment. They are a great option for anyone who’s on the go and needs a nutritious snack. It’s always,”what’s in it for some me”. $24.28 ... With 30 grams of high-quality protein, the Premier Protein Bar has what it takes to be the most convenient meal replacement bar on the shelves. Premier Protein is distributed in the United Kingdom by Weetabix Limited (Company number 00267687) whose registered office address is Weetabix Mills, Burton Latimer, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 … It is cheap to purchase when buying in bulk. Thanks ! Consumers have reached a $9 million settlement with Premier Nutrition Corporation, the makers of Power Bar, ending their class action lawsuit claiming that the protein content in the company’s protein shakes is falsely advertised. But as a weight loss person. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM How long before I get this? 1. This flavorful power-packed protein bar is packaged in an assortment of flavors.Premier Protein Crispy Fiber Snack Bars, Variety Pack, 18 Ct. … I just purchased another case from Costco, count me in please. I’ve been buying perimer shakes for years please add me. Once I was able to eat a bit more I also bought their protein bars. Purchased several packs, I purchased the premium protein powder from GNC store and throughout the receipts. If you don’t have a recpt and have invested money in the product how do you receive compensation? They are as good as any snack and be taken on the go. They are good to eat especially after a strenuous workout. 2. Been buying these for months. This version of the settlement deal was granted preliminary approval in July. Awesome for you lead plaintiff! How much protein content was and currently is in the product? Every bottle Premier Protein drink contains about 3 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar and 30 grams of protein. PLEASE ADD ME. I buy these every week from costco add me please. I do love premier protein shakes though. Today’s protein bars are healthy enough to substitute as entire meal replacements in themselves. Can’t believe they can’t accurately represent the protein content! I don’t have receipts but have drank them for yesrsy. expected to be mailed out. I purchased this product all the time. Where and how do you file the claim I’ve looked over this page and I don’t see where you file the claim, I’d like to know where to sign up, l have been purchasing the Premier protein shakes for 3 years…. Other benefits of premier shakes are. It has been a big challenge to find alternatives that aren’t full of carbs that makes me physically sick. I had surgery a year ago my husband had surgery a year and a half ago and we both drink them. Thankfully – he can rely on Premier Protein bars to help him get through the day. Pitiful and shameful, slip and fall lawyers!! Thanks to its size, you can place one in your bag, purse or pocket with little effort. I would like to be added to the claim. Premier Protein has a high protein compound; the Premier Protein bars make an excellent breakfast snack while the Premier Protein shakes are perfect for lunch or dinner. Cjones.I have purchased this product since December of 2017 on a weekly base, Add me I have bought boxes of this for over 5 years receipts from sams. Add me i drink 2 a day and have for the last 2 yrs. main content. Inulin is a carbohydrate derived from many species of plants. Bullshit lawsuits don’t happen here. I stopped buying a certain flavor due to 4 out of 4 on four different occasion the premier protein shake was either curtail, spoiled or soured. I started drinking premier shakes March 2017 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. He has been ordered to drink at least one a day. This flavorful power-packed protein bar is packaged in an assortment of flavors. Premier Protein bars help achieve those goals with 30g protein per bar. I have been buying Premier Protien drinks from Sams Club and Walmart for the past 2 Years. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I have been drinking premier protein shakes for years ..after lap band surgery..2015…please add me to the list. Premier shakes are all very rich in micronutrients. I have drank 1-3 of these daily since 2016 for health reasons. This is ridiculous. I would drink 2 a day. A Premier Protein recipe for a smoothie made with Premier Protein powder is easy to make and takes up very little time to prepare. Been drinking these for years and what do I do with the ones in my cupboard and fridge now. Id like to be a part of the lawsuit, Me and my husband have bought these… numerous times at Sams, I have bought these as well but have no proof of purchase. Please add me to this class action as I have brought many from Costco . I agree. IS THIS SUIT CLAIM JUST BECAUSE THE ADVERTISING DIDN’T MATCH THE PRODUCT? Do your math. We are required to have a minimum of 80 grams of protein daily. Sometimes it is hard to get the different flavors that I really like, so I go online to find them in my area (LOL). Your not-so-secret coffee mixer. Plaintiff Joseph Gregorio stated that he felt that the settlement deal was favorable and expressed that it would be preferable to pursuing “complex, costly, and long” litigation that may not be successful for consumers. Please add me. How does that count. Have drank at least 1 a day for 2 years. Premier Protein shakes come in the following flavors, Premier Protein shakes are not only refreshing, healthy to drink, and nutritious but they are also are very useful for weight watchers. Add me.. I’ve brought lots of these products over the last two years due to my lapband surgery. I have not kept my receipts and would like to know my options to proceed. Wow a 3 gram difference, I buy premier all the time. Get a life people!!!!!!!! I am a senior on a fixed income, too. You can also receive notifications when this article is updated by using your free Top Class Actions account and clicking the “Follow Article” button at the top of the post. Premier Protein bars are sugar free, they have no extra calories and they are a delight to eat. I have been drinking these every since 10/2012 after having a left knee replacement and my last purchase was August 2018 don’t have receipts from Sam’s Club here in Daytona Beach can I still get refunded . FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I have had these everyday for years now and I need my friggin banana shake . Sign up for our free newsletter. Really good variety. The caramel shakes were pulled from the shelves. I have receipts for virtually all.

I’ve been drinking these for years thinking I was getting in a certain amount of protein per day. I have been drink premier for sometime. How do apply for this lawsuit? I am so disappointed in the GREED of Human Nature, so money hungry for a fuss over 2-3 grams of protein. I buy them all the time at costco, Please add me, My son eats the bars thinking its giving him Protein to help with his weight training. 3. How do I file a claim. I have receipts for products purchased. Thanks for nothing but a cost increase! I have to get mine at Wal-Mart and Food Lion, these are the only ones I can drink. I’ve been using these shakes everyday since 2016. Complete Bar Variety 40-Pack - Enjoy all of our 20g protein bars with this convenient Variety 40-Pack. administrator or law firm. I have receipts for my most recent purchase but we have been loyal to the brand for 2 years now. I just bought 2 more 18 packs tonight around Sam’s. I was living on these shakes both before and after my weight loss surgery. They are a complete meal in themselves.

  • Best protein shake on the market! 1. Premier Protein 20g Protein bar, Chocolate Brownie, 10 Count 3.8 out of 5 stars 1,674. I drank them for 2 years, once a day. Add me – I drink 1-2 shakes a day – everyday. Thankfully – he can rely on Premier Protein bars to help him get through the day.