does phasegrasp deal elemental damage

With this Borderlands 3 Amara build, you have access to all 3 of Amara’s action elements, so you can have some versatility, but in general, Fire+Shock does the most consistent overall damage and it’s often more convenient to switch your weapon element than your Action Skill element. I do not like the fact that she dose have some skill combos that allow you to openly lose out on benefits. However, several other manufacturers feature weapons that deal explosive damage in some manner. User Info: VenomSymbiote. Tempest - grants very high bonuses to Elemental and Shock Damage, which goes up to 50% for Shock Weapons. (Action Skill) Tier 1 Skills. 3:48 See it in action. That's kind of useful, actually, as it allows you to use skills that require the Action Skill to deal damage against bosses even when you've slotted in a Phasegrasp variant other than Fist Over Matter. Anthem of Rakdos (5) Enchantment Whenever a creature you control attacks, it gets +2/+0 until end of turn and Anthem of Rakdos deals 1 damage to you. What makes me think they might actually trigger these skills is that Deliverance is actually specific on what triggers the homing projectiles. Crit damage from transcend multiplied by bonus damage from personal space multiplied by bonus elemental damage from forceful expression on a grasped target splitting 35% to all around does look like it could be good. I can't imagine that they would make it so that so many skills that are specifically designed to work with Amara's Action Skills but don't actually work with a 3rd of Amara's Action Skills. Does that mean you could just fire it into barrels, barriers or the ground and trigger the homing projectiles? I went down the FotE tree and got her “Fist over Matter” and mixed that with “Allure” at first and got “Samsara”. Does Marcus have a training dummy to test damage on in this BL? Could be good as it keeps them clustered. Sustainment will also be boosted so you'll get some crazy healing, thats why its generally better to use Stillness of Mind over Soul Sap unless you want to do some co-op healing. Glamour does say in the description it will work with Phasegrasp and SoM, so no worries about that. Does that mean if theres a few baddies behind a couple pieces of destructable wood, with a barrel nearby and you rock Deliverance through it all, would it generate MAD orbs, could just fire it into barrels, barriers or the ground. Confirmed via gameplay, it needs the second direct Action Skill modifier to deal any damage by itself and thats almost all the way down the Fist of the Elements tree. On action skill end - Damage taken is reduced by 13%. Enemies who cannot be incapacitated take instant damage instead. Boltens 10 months ago #2. Made me think allure wasn’t too good but binds were. Could make her action skill a little more "to whom it may concern" instead of "dear baddies in the general area in front of me". Element Focused Skills. It's been a while since I played a new Maya but from my recollection it just locked an enemy out of battle for a while unless they were immune to the effects. Forceful Expression: Amara's guns deal bonus elemental damage based on her action skill element. Glamour mentions that enemies near the effected enemy are confused. VenomSymbiote 1 year ago #1. As far as I can tell you can use any 1 Action Skill (Hexagon) + 1 Action Skill Augment (Chevron) + 1 Element (Diamond) Now, if Phasegrasp is like Phase lock from BL2, then it does no damage on it's own but Fist Over Matter says it does damage so all the "Enemies … With skills that can easily attack multiple enemies at a time, Amara's especially effective when it comes to crowd control.

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