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(For WoE: SE, you can also carry the items needed to rebuild Guardian Stones). The defending guild will most likely set up behind a barricade where you cannot pass and try to hold there while sending people out to pick off your guild. Dispelling a sniper will reduce their already terrible damage even further. Venom Lv10. Every guild needs a good prof both in PvM and PvP/WoE. - 89% weight, is recommended. Try to Stone Curse High Priests/High Wizards/Champions that are around the emperium that will hinder your guilds progress. Excellent in support as it can provide SP and got skills like Dispell,Land Protector,Wall of Fog,Spider Web etc. Spirit allow for perma level 10 bolt + double bolt It isn’t too bad when then person you are giving SP to has more than 5 SP left before they ask you because you will be able to use Health Conversion right after instead of having to use an SP recovery item. If, for some reason, they try to occult/Investigate you, simply dispel them and soul siphon/stone curse them. Back. A good precast will have at least 2 Clown/Gypsy Duets going on so you’ll have to get by the Loki’s Veil first before you are able to do anything. “Creates a wall of fog of 5 x 3 cells perpendicular to the caster (triple the area of the Wizards Ice Wall). If they JT, use Magic Rod or put a Wall of Fog on yourself. LK’s aren’t a huge threat to profs (unless it’s Mutt). Won\’t defaulting Evil Druid get you killed by FAS? I’d also like to thank anyone who is actually reading through this guide and I hope it helps in some way because honestly, I’d like to see some better profs during WoE. Enchant Poison Lv10. With level 5 Indulge/Health Conversion, you can easily fill your whole SP bar up in two uses. 10% damage less from demi human, so it meant that that damage could be anything right? Got a Ragnarok Online walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? If less than 120 skill point is used, Skill Crazy Uproar have total 10 skill level. I will talk about some of the more important ones but if you want to read up on them, follow these links: First off, here’s a great build to use for PvP/WoE. If they are linked, they can’t be dispelled so don’t bother. When your guild reaches the portal to gather up before entering the precast, remember to use Foresight, walk into Bragi/Gospel and/or get suffragium from a priest. A miss will do as wel.. A High Priest can’t do anything to a Prof (if they try to Lex D you, they’re retarded) except for taking away your Assumptio by using Kyrie or putting Lex A on you. Fog only affects ranged attacks. Dispell. WoE: SE takes a lot more teamwork and coordination in order to successfully take and defend a castle. The reason I chose not to include a Bolting build in this guide is because I don’t feel it is a very good choice in PvP or WoE but it’s ok to mess around with. hope it helps! If they try to DS you (lol? If they do manage to get a recall, your guild will have to wipe them out before proceeding to the emperium, so put a LP down under your guildmates to keep them from getting hit by AoE’s. If your guild happens to lose both stones, you would retreat behind a barricade and defend from there (because this is where it will get messy). They reduce magical damage as well, @mech: of course it reduces magic damage! The most comfortable choice is 183 with Bison Horn/BG medals. Acid Demonstration also has a chance to fail (this is not considered a miss where you use bombs) and the damage is reduced by ~30%. so, like this, if you hit someone with aspd 197 and has auto spell+double spell on, along with 100 critical, your bound to do nearly 50k+ on one single hit. Double Cast gives the caster a Doublecasting buff which lasts 90 seconds (this buff is shown on the side of the screen as "Magic×Magic"). I go for: I know spider web works but what other? While inside a castle, you will see many flags located around the castle but only the defending guild can use these. Ragnarok Online Revo Classic Guides. land protector lv5,, Level 5 might also hurt hp, hence why do it on Wizard and Priest, which has high amount of SP. Don’t bother webbing TK’s because they can Flying Side Kick out of it. Watch out for stalkers because they can use Flying Side Kick to get to your wizard line and try to recall or run off somewhere in chase walk. A guide about leveling guides, faqs, and Revo-Classic RO database. Translations by Himeyasha. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. There can be up to 3 sets of barricades (the first set near the start has 8, the second set in the middle has 6, and the last set right before the emperium has 4) that your guild will have to break through. This is the last skill that I would get out of all of the skills. Very dependent on Scholar or SP regaining items if using a lot of skills at once. This skill will burn all SP the target has, thus damaging it with its own SP. Autocast professor are far from vanilmirth. I also forgot to mention how Grapes should be used instead of Strawberries. If you use Stone Curse on someone who is already Stone Cursed, you will break it so make sure you watch out for that. You can also set webs down like traps by SHIFT + Clicking on a guildmate and it will appear on their tile. If you Safety Wall yourself, the SinX will most likely try to get close enough to grimtooth you so have Sight up and get ready to Heaven’s Drive right when you see them go into Hide. Using memorize before walking into an emp room is great for putting LP’s down (in WoE: FE). In guide you’ll learn how to build your Dancer’s stat build, skills, and gears for two builds: farming build (offensive) and a support build (defensive). You must also release the falcon you possess. Revo Classic Sniper Guide. madogear mechanic Build Guide. Share This Post. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Make sure you have Wall of Fog on yourself/party because they will be bombing you. A profs main role in PvM parties is to provide SP to other members and maybe do some mob control. Make sure your keep your Wall of Fog on the barricades and have sight up to watch for SinX’s trying to get a few hits in. Speed pot through and put a Wall of Fog down on yourself and as close to the portal as possible as soon as you are able to use skills. Surprise. One more thing: There’s no such thing as being “meant for support” when a set of offensive-enhancing skills are given to you. I LOVE PROF.. every server i play my main character is a prof lolz.. some servers don’t allow GTBs actually, some other servers reduce the effect(something like only 50% chance of nullifying).. actually its really hard to PVP if your enemy has GTB, especially because professors don’t have much AOE spells.. i believe it’s hard to fight mastersmiths if they have GTBs, they can’t be dispelled and their self buffs are really annoying.. but if they don’t have GTBs it’s quite easy to kill them, dispell, spider web, safety wall, cold bolt(of course with siroma card XD), it’s not advisable to use fire bolt to them.. they have skin tempering which reduces 50% fire dmg(ouch), if you guys have questions just email me at [email protected]. That means they have sooooo many skills that you would have a hard time thinking which one’s the best for you. not to mention the 190~197 aspd of a strike. If you manage to get a GR/Deviling or something rare like that, then you’ll have to learn when to swap in different situations. If you think Hybrid sucks, that’s because you never did one right. * Dispel them which will remove their fury. After the guardian stones are destroyed, you can proceed down the center path in the castle where Barricades may be placed. As long as you fiber lock and dispel them, they won’t manage to get a hit on anyone. I’ve only been playing prof for a year but I think that it’s the best and most fun class to play but they can be hard to use at first. In WoE: FE, each castle will have 4 rooms (1st, 2nd, 3rd (Pre-emp room), 4th (Emp room)) that you and your guild will have to run through. If they do manage to get near you, you can either Safety Wall yourself or simply move back and fiber lock them. If you die, and are coming back to the castle, use the flag outside of your castle and you will be warped inside the castle (in most castles, you will be moved to the pre-emp room but in a few, you will be sent to the 2nd room). thanks for sharing xDD. Gives 3 def but has a decent 10 mdef. You don’t need to hit the enemy to proc autospell. Sign Up. Here is what my BM would look like when I’m completely finished with skills/gears: Now for some details on the more important skills: Safety Wall is a great skill that blocks 10 melee hits OR skills (at level 10). The aspd of CT is capped at 186. Being it that bolt skills have a fixed 2.8 second delay (0.8 if with bragi, about 1 second with 0.2 second average casting time), an auto-bolt build which manages to launch more than 4 attacks per second greatly surpasses the DPS of a ranged bolter build. I play bolter prof and never get agruement or whatsoever. For hindsight profs, fiber lock + dispel. This Guide is for Full Support Profs (because bolting is terrible) and is more PvP/WoE oriented. If your guild manages to destroy the barricades, you can proceed to the emperium and take the castle. Avoid Shockwave traps??? Adapted from this skill simulator . Give weapon poison properties, have a chance of 12% to poison the target for 15s. Please try again. Dengan skill random, professor memiliki 20% untuk mengeluarkan skill lain saat menggunakan skill random. How do you cast Land Protector while breaking a precast w/o having Instant Cast? I’m new in RO, and I want to try play as a Professor. If you have to give SP to the wizards, you can do that through the barricades. This type is only good with better or “godly” equips. This effect will last as long as you don't use spells, but will be dispelled upon your death.

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