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Beyond this, Truma produce the much-loved Powrtouch motor-mover manoeuvring More details about Truma Ultraheat additional heater Truma Ultraheat is the ideal addition to S 3004 and S 5004 heaters in your caravan. The Truma Ultrastore 850w Water Heating Spare Element is sent on a next day service The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. The Ultrastore did not work on electric (fine on gas) this time out. Supplied in White. Compact heater for many uses: Truma VarioHeat heaters VarioHeat is an especially compact heater for caravans, motor homes and vans. Truma has been making high-quality furnaces and water heaters for RVs and motor homes since 1949. 240v Operation The operation of the 240v system is quite straight forward, insure the heater is full of water and then turn on the 240v switch. Spare Parts Diagram: Truma AquaGo Please click here or on diagram to view in full size Please note: Not all parts are individually for sale.Some may be included in an available product/kit. To view a full list of replacement parts for the Truma Ultrastore 10 ltr water heater click - More Info. As with the Truma Ultrastore Water Heaters, a number of spare parts are also available for the discrete, flexible and award-winning units. Parts for other models are available on request call 01926 640489 or email Truma Ultrastore Rapide 10 Litre Gas & Electric Water Heater - The newly updated Ultrastore Rapide GE boiler features a compact modern design and is now even more powerful and cost effective.Water Heaters. Early models had an element of just 450 watts and took 70 minutes to heat up on electricity only. Complete Range of Genuine Truma Water Heater Parts + Spare Parts Diagrams & Repair Manuals. Truma Ultrastore The Truma Ultrastore has been used in most caravans from 2000 onwards. When there's a problem with the gas side of these appliances the usual reaction to an abortive attempt to start up the boiler is for the red "Failure" light on the control-switch to illuminate. 240v Operation The operation of the 240v system is quite straight forward, insure the heater is full of water and then turn on the 240v switch. Truma Therme TT-2 Electric Water Heater Spare Parts Another useful caravan water heater is the Truma Therme TT-2 Electric Water Heater, which is perfect for those with smaller vehicles. Your description of operating the control-switch suggests that your motorhome is fitted with a Truma Ultrastore water-boiler, either a B10 (10 litres capacity) model or a B14. I have tried powering off the 240v for days and It works fine on gas and was working on electric when I tested it in March. DOH!!! Truma produce some of the highest performing and reliable heating, air conditioning and hot water systems available for caravans and motorhome. Shop with confidence. The Truma Ultrastore has been used in most caravans from 2000 onwards. Colour White. Phone: +1 (855) 558-7862 Fax: +1 (574) 538-2426 Truma Corp 2800 Harman Dr Elkhart, IN 46514 USA Contact Us Truma Ultrastore 10 litre Gas and electric water heater (SURPLUS NEW) The Truma Ultrastore, with water content of 10 or 14 litres, has proved its value in particular for larger hot water requirements. Subject: RE: Truma Ultrastore Water Heater Just joined Posts: 1 OK just had this problem and fixed it by fitting a new valve. The 240v keeps tripping every time I switch the water heater on in my 2008 Eccles Topaz. The additional electric heater warms motor homes and caravans quickly and reliably. Weve had a week away off grid before we needed to Find great deals on eBay for truma water heater. Part Number: 70122-01 Truma Ultrastore water heater cowl cover. I left the 240v turned on without water in it. Caravan Water Equipment, fittings, hoses, portable showers, tanks & carriers, taps, water heater, water pumps caravan bathroom washroom, caravan accessories, motorhome accessories, … I know this must have been discussed before, but has anyone had to replace the element in their Truma Ultrastore boiler? Truma Ultastore water heater flue cover, often called winter cover, fits heater from 1992 - 2006. How to get the best from your Truma Trumatic S3002 heater If you have been caravanning for years, it’s easy to think that everybody already knows how to get the best performance out of a Truma … It can be installed flexibly in various positions – vertically or horizontally – and is suitable as the main heater in a van or an additional heater in larger vehicles. See More Info. Truma Ultrastore Rapid 10 Litre Water Heater Gas & Electric water heater Flues through the side wall comes complete flue kit and fitting kit Powerful 1500 W rated gas burner heats the water in no time Energy efficient as the boiler works without a ignition flame (if the temperature drops, the electronics automatically reignites) Special insulation […] Covers flue to stop insects and debris getting into water heater. Australias Favourite Online Shop for Caravan Accessories and Spare Parts. It is always turned off before draining and filled before switching on. Truma's Ultrastore water heater Most Ultrastore heaters have a water capacity of 10 litres, although a 14-litre version is available. Get Truma On Board and start enjoying more comfort on the move!

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